Winston-Salem Top 20

Updated: Jun 19

TOP 20 (Second Ten)

Derrell Armstrong, “Albania” 6’1 G (UNC-Greensboro/TBL)

Brandon Schlosser, “Canada” 5’10 (Northampton/ECBL)

Ajay Sanders, “Canada” 6’4 W (Coastal Carolina/Kosovo)

Djovan Beausejour, ”Canada” 6’5 W (Centenary/Armenia, Belarus)

Armon Griebe, “Denmark” 6’7 PF (Virginia State)

Chinedu Ubah, “S Korea” 6’5 F (Olney Central)

Alex Bonner, “Estonia” 6’3 G (LaGrange/ABA)

Xavier McCoy, “Estonia” 6’5 W (NC Central)

LJ Harris, “S Korea” 6’2 (Ellsworth)

Andre Silva, “Albania”6’9 C (Union)

TOP 20 (First Ten)

Jacque Brown “Finland” 5’9 (UNC-Wilmington) **MVP**

Bryant Givens, “Albania” 6’2 (Columbus St)

Ray Croon, “Albania” 6’6 (Kentucky St)

Stephen Battle, “Albania” 6’5 W (Florida S., Indonesia, Uruguay)

Anthony Adger “Denmark” 6’1 (Florida Atlantic/Kosovo, Cyprus)

Aaren Smith, “Finland” 6’6 W (Rutgers, Univ. DC)

Shaquille Rombley, “Finland”6’9 (Lincoln-Memorial)

Devin Hutchinson, “S Korea” 6’5 (Radford/ECBL)

Mason Harrell, “S Korea” 6’8 C (Winston-Salem State)

Camryn Fort, “Denmark” 6’6 W (Wake Tech/TBL)

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