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Take it from them


Andrew Robinson

Pro Player

My decision to attend Coast2Coast camp was quite literally the best decision that I could’ve possibly made in my professional career. The investment that I made to attend the camp eventually turned into a new partnership with my current agent, which subsequently led to me signing my first professional basketball contract of my career a month later.

I can say with 100% certainty that I would not be where I am today had it not been for my decision to attend coast to Coast2Coast camp


Tanner Massey

Pro Coach

Coast2coast camps provide a high quality competitive environment with great coaches who pour into players.  It is well organized and structured, and provides a first-class experience for the players that other camps dont provide. 


Demarcus Oliver

Owner/GM-North Carolina Capitals

"It was great to meet James Blackburn, who was the man behind the scenes that put together an awesome Pro Basketball Showcase in Charlotte! 

James was a leader in the Coast2Coast International Showcase Camp being professionally ran! He showed me a great level of hospitality upon arrival, assuring that team owners, GM's, FIBA Agents, and Pro Coaches had proper itineraries for the day/player rosters/updates/etc so that we could effectively scout players! 

Looking forward to attending the next Coast2Coast event!


Arsenio Arrington

 Pro Player

“The pro camp in NC was such a great experience from me , I was able to talk and get great advice from G-League coaches and great overseas coaches, it was a great opportunity to showcase my talents and have the most exposure possible and at the end of the camp I had looks and I ended up signing with the Crailsheim Merlins in Germany as my first step in my pro career”.

Tyler Gatlin

Pro Coach 

“James and his crew put on a top level production. The organization and competition are on par with the most recognized camps in the country, and the coaching staff brings experience and joy into the gym each day. Very professional and well run event. Aspiring players don't want to miss it. Great experience for scouts too”!


Diont'e Adams

Pro Player

“One of the best camps I attended this year was hosted by James Blackburn in North Carolina. I feel like it was a great opportunity to display my talents to a lot of teams. The camp also had a lot of major players that I have played against through my basketball career. I feel like it gave me a chance to display my talents and also give me a chance to step up my game against major competitors. The camp was also seen by many recruiters and coaches which gave me the opportunity to go back overseas for my third season. I recommend anyone looking for a chance to go pro, to attend one of his camps, where you can display your game and measure up to the competition”.


Marco De Benedetto

Italy GM

“The NC camp has been a crucial experience. Thanks to the mixing up of backgrounds and experiences between players and coaches, the energy and hype was great all weekend long. James has been capable to build a well scheduled and no wasting time camp, where hopefully many people could find things to share now and in the future”


Sean Hackshaw

Pro Player

I was fortunate to attend two Coast2Coast camps. (Winston-Salem, NC and Las Vegas) Both camps were very well ran and organized with great officiating as well. The level of talent invited to these camps were high-major and extremely competitive!These camps helped develop my game so much and so fast! The level of exposure was phenomenal! I was able to be coached by and play in front of G-league coaches, Euro coaches, NBA scouts, and organizations worldwide! After the Las Vegas camp, I was fortunate to make contacts with an NBA agent who I impressed, who has been helping me with other professional opportunities! The Coast2Coast camps have been an incredible blessing for my development as a player, person, teammate, and future professional basketball player!! 

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