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Blog Post Number 2- February 24, 2020

A Look at Pro Basketball Opportunities


So, you want to be a pro? Then you should educate yourself on the types of job opportunities that exist for players. You must also commit yourself to consistent skill development, growth as a player and ability to adjust to and thrive in changing situations.


A Few Basic Numbers


There are 150+ professional basketball leagues around the world. These leagues come in a wide variety of types, available resources and competitive quality.


All these organizations need players which directly translates into tens of thousands of ballers who can call themselves a pro at some level. There are many thousands of Americans each year playing outside the USA, and a big number playing in the US in one of the many leagues that operate here.


So there are opportunities…


Pro Basketball Levels


For the sake of better understanding the types of opportunities that await the right players let’s look at some common facets of basketball organizations. 


  • A significant percentage of pro basketball teams are rooted in their local community and are a part of a more general sports organization such as an athletic club. Some of these clubs expect the pro players to have another job in the organization in addition to playing.


  • Most leagues have restrictions on the number of import players that can be on the roster. Some leagues even limit the number of import players that can be on the court at any time.


  • The manner in which basketball is played can be influenced by culture, traditions, team style/needs and coaching preferences. Importantly, this means that most players only fit well in certain places. Good agents can help decode this setting up his/her client to succeed, but it helps if the players themselves understand this too.


  • Contracts in the top leagues in the world can offer life-changing money, opportunities, top quality facilities and high-level competition against some of the best players in the world. Here are some leagues widely considered to be amongst the best; NBA (US-Canada), Euro League (Europe), Liga ACB (Spain), BSL (Turkey), VTB United (Russia), BBL (Germany) – and there are many others. The NBA-G League based on talent fits in here somewhere, but the salaries are typically below the level of these others.


  • There are upper tier clubs that play in lesser more mid-tier domestic leagues, but also participate in higher-level collective leagues like the Champions League, Adriatic League or FIBA EuroCup.


  • Many countries have more than one league and levels of competition. For example, Italy and Germany have four or more levels of leagues. Resources, opportunities and pay vary dramatically from top to bottom.


  • A player can make a reasonable living and find a really satisfying competitive basketball experience at many Mid-Tier or “lower” Upper-Tier leagues such as the B League in Japan, ASEAN League or the top division in Finland.


  • A big majority of professional and semi-pro basketball clubs operate in a manner far less glamorous and well-resourced than noted above. But a motivated, open-minded player can gain successful pro experience to enhance their resume, a basic income, intriguing lifestyle and quite possibly most importantly a cultural experience that can greatly broaden horizons and a player’s world-view. 


  • Many semi-pro leagues offer a chance for a player to grow, develop skills and understanding of the game which might make them attractive to a higher level pro club.


Do you have what it takes to earn a place in this global basketball landscape? 

Blog Post Number 1- February 14, 2020

Jumpstarting Your Pro Basketball Career and the Value of Networking


Let’s face it, there are a few hundred+ new players each year entering pro basketball that have the measurables, skill-set, resume and/or projectable upside that they will be approached by basketball power brokers (teams and agents) about professional opportunities. Who are these players? Well, 60 players are drafted into the NBA each year. (They’re certainly being approached!) A good many more earn contracts through agents promoting them directly to clubs.


What do you do if you if you find yourself outside this select circle, but are highly motivated to earn a professional basketball contract? How do you set yourself apart? 


Here are four key ideas:




  • If you don’t believe in yourself, why should others believe in you? Be confident and yet, have some humility too – others will notice.

  • Be prepared to work at it – things may not break overnight, keep taking steps forward. Have a plan to get in great playing condition and keep building and strengthening your skill-set. Execute on your plan.




  • Learn about the various leagues and opportunities out there. Reach out to and learn from guys who are playing or have played professionally. Get past the hype and understand these roster spots are in fact jobs.

  • Get your mind around the idea that in the basketball marketplace the supply of quality basketball players greatly outnumbers the demand of available contracts. Translation: Plenty of good players get left out in this game of basketball musical chairs!

  • In short: it’s not easy, but very few good things are easy.




  • This is an obvious promotion for Coast2Coast Camps, but a good opportunity often is just a product of being seen by the right person at the right time. A well-run pro camp can set the stage for the right eyes to see the right players.

  • Create a high quality video including information such as where and if you played in college, stats, recent highlights and some game footage. Quality camps always provide access to camp game footage, which works well for this purpose.

  • If you have played professionally, but are looking for a new and/or better opportunity act like someone who actually understands something about being a pro!

  • Enlist the assistance of an individual (like an agent) who can get your video to the right people with pro clubs.




  • Ok you are at a camp, you are competing hard, doing what you do and putting your best foot forward. Is that enough? Sometimes yes – but many times, no it isn’t. It’s just a starting point for forming a reputation as a player in the pro basketball environment.

  • The way you handle yourself in this setting is all-important, including when you are not playing. 

  • Network! Ask questions about getting opportunities, ideas for improvement, speak intelligently about basketball with the coaches and camp directors. Ask for a business card and permission to follow up. Introduce yourself to agents and scouts who may be present. Get to know a few other players – ask them for ideas. Look people in the eye and look and act like someone some coach somewhere in the world would trust on his team with his job at stake.

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