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Winston-Salem Scouting Reports

COAST2COAST Winston-Salem Showcase (June 11-12)

Player Scouting Report

Here are some notes and observations of a few select players from each team from the Showcase. This serves as a sample of the high-level talent at Coast2Coast Showcase Events.

TEAM ALBANIA College / Pro Experience

Derrell Armstrong 6’1 G UNC-Greensboro/TBL

Derrell is a throw-back player who uses his size, angles and change of speed to effectively attack off the dribble. More of a threat going forward than shooting from distance, but he can knock down shots from three. Strong, tough and competitive.

Bryant Givens 6’1 G Columbus State

Energized, intense, vocal all describe this playmaking guard. Bryant can lead a team from the point and create good scoring opportunities for teammates. He is a physical presence with a good handle who can also score it. Disruptive defender.

Ray Croon 6’6 F Kentucky State

Ray’s motor runs hot, and he looks to impact the game in all phases. A lengthy, bothersome defender, strong rebounder and an active athlete who can score on the move, attack off the bounce and hit enough jumpers that defenders have to pay attention.


Brandon Schlosser 5’11 G Northampton/ECBL

A vocal, positive spirited player who is connected to teammates looking to boost their play, with his energy and effort. More importantly, Brandon is a deadly three-point shooter, who can hit the occasional mid-range shot as well. A willing and physical defender.

Josh Hightower 6’3 G St. Louis University

A long armed guard with bounce and + athletic tools. Josh can score going into the paint and has three-point shooting ability. More of a combo than a lead guard, but has the tools to run the point.

TEAM DENMARK College / Pro Experience

Armon Griebe 6’7 F Virginia State

Strongly built, Armon can mix it up near the rim, but is especially effective shooting and driving from the elbows and short corners. Competes hard and runs the floor well.

DeAndre Monroe 6’5 F Penn State Wilks-Barre

A bouncy and lengthy wing who can run the floor catch and finish. He can score it some from distance. A solid defender as well with some upside as he gets stronger.

Anthony Adger, 6’1 G FAU/ Cyprus

High IQ guard who can play on or off the ball. Good in pick and roll where he can make the proper reads. Good 3 pt shooter who can really get hot from beyond the arc.


Janai Raynor Powell 6’1 G S. Carolina State / Armenia

Janai has some wiggle to his game with a mix of hesitation, change of speed moves to creates scoring space for himself and/or to draw defenders. A quality scorer and lead guard.


Montrell Williams 6’4 F Arkansas Tech / Indonesia

Big time athlete who can play above the rim. Montrell is a good shooter and gets busy on the offensive glass. Lefty who can score it traffic and impose himself on opponents with physical play.

Aaren Smith 6’6 F Rutgers

An athletic wing who can run, finish and is an outstanding three-point shooter. Even better Aaren has a solid feel for the game and finds himself in the right places way more often than not. Aaren can score, pass, defend and rebound in a + manner – he’ll make a team better in many areas.

Jacque Brown 5’9 UNC-Wilmington

No getting around it Jacque knows how to play. He is a productive lead guard who is a willing passer and creator. Outstanding use of ball screens as sees and understands what is available. A really good defender who is more physical than you might expect. Jacque will make some pro coach look smarter for adding him to his roster.

TEAM S. KOREA College / Pro Experience

Collin Hartmann 6’2 G Catholic University

Physical and tough lead guard who has a compact, nice looking stroke. Can handle the ball and direct a team. Solid defender who is focused on the task at hand.

Devin Hutchinson 6’5 F Radford

Scorer! On the run, off the dribble or off the catch Devin gets buckets. A well-balanced athlete who is elusive yet not afraid of contact. His game is expanding it would seem, and there is more upside to in which to grow.

Chinedu Ubah 6’5 G/F Olney Central

Hyper physical wing who defends and rebounds with intensity. A good scorer going forward, who can knock down shots and finds ways to get things done.

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