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Las Vegas Top 20

MVP: Stanley Williams 6’0 PG (Slovakia)


Kevin Galloway 6’8 F (Romania)

Michael Vigilance 6’9 C (Albania)

Zack Rollins 6’6 (Romania)

Matt Butler 6’3 G (Slovakia)

Mason Harrell 6’8 C (Germany)

Brandon Alston 6’5 G (Germany)

Aaren Smith 6’6 F (Ireland)

Jachai Taylor 6’7 F (Mexico)

Dominique Collier 6’3 G (Romania)

Chukaka Emili 6’8 F (Canada)


Jacque Brown 5’10 G (Spain)

Joshua White 6’7 F (Spain)

Vic Bermudez 6’3 G (Ireland)

D’Michael Stribling 6’7 F (Slovakia)

LeJavious Johnson 6’1 G ( Canada)

Ty Corbin 6’1 G (Finland)

Thomas Faustka 6’6 F (Germany)

Quincy Smith 6’3 G (Romania)

Rodrick Sikes 6’2 G (Canada)

Joe Neal 6’5 F (Romania)

Honorable Mention

Tshombe Riley 6’7 F (Canada)

Jerrell Martin 6’8 F (Finland)

De’Mari Davis 6’7 F (Albania)

Mike Lenoir 6’0 G (Spain)

Camryn Fort 6’6 F (Germany)

Jemale Brown 6’2 G (Slovakia)

Arsenio Arrington 6’9 C (Mexico)

David Miakanda 6’4 G (Germany)

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