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Another highly successful Coast2Coast International Showcase event in Las Vegas on July 14-15! Great coaching, sound organization, presentation of ideas about being a pro, highly competitive games, structured practice and most importantly outstanding talent were all on full display for the hundreds of coaches, agents, general managers and scouts who either attended the showcase in person or caught the action on the InStat live stream. The coaching staff featured active pro coaches who in turn were evaluating potential players for their own squads as part of their efforts during the showcase.

There is little doubt that Coast2Coast offers the premier professional basketball exposure events in the industry. Many, many players who attended will directly and tangibly benefit from their participation which Coast2Coast will share in coming weeks. The Coast2Coast staff will be active within their networks as well identifying prospects for teams searching for quality players and people.

Cheyenne High School provided a great, clean facility as the two-day showcase began early on Thursday, July 14. First up were the camp introduction and team practices for the 90 aspiring ballers. Each player was placed on a team prior to the camp with an eye towards competitive balance, which ramps up the intensity of the tournament format games.

The opening round saw teams compete to advance in the bracket although everyone was guaranteed three games the competition was fierce as the teams sought to move on in the winners bracket.

Team Germany battled Denmark in the first winner’s bracket game and it went right down to the final play with Denmark grabbing the victory in an intense back and forth game. Germany was lead by the dynamic play of point guard Quincy Smith as he set the tone defensively and pushed the tempo. Bouncy athletes 6’7 RJ Kelly, 6’6 Juwhan Harris-Dyson provided some offensive fireworks and big time finishes above the rim. But Denmark had an answer after falling behind by 14 in the first half. Powerful 6’7 Roland Griffin and 6’10 Jalen King started to go to work in the paint as Denmark methodically climbed back in the game and secured their place in the finals.

In the second winner’s bracket game Team Finland prevailed over Team Hong Kong largely due to the dominate play of the hyper-athletic guard 6’3 Kameron Hankerson and the solid play of 6’6 Adrian Byrd-Jelinek, 6’5 Graddy Kanku and 6’9 Chandler Rowe. Hong Kong showed spirit in the game and high level production from the mobile, jumping jack, 6’8 Jay Hedgeman and stellar play of 6’2 Justin Jones and 6’5 Raheem Williams.

The Championship game was yet another game that went to the final play as Kameron Hankerson hit a pull up jumper for the 1 point win as time expired. Team Finland earned their showcase championship in an intense and entertaining final!

Team Finland- Camp champs

Kameron Hankerson was named Showcase MVP. Greg Gibson who is a head coach in Finland was the championship coach while Andy Hipsher a head coach in Denmark lead the runner-up.

Quick Scouting Reports

Here are some players from each team who performed particularly well during the Showcase, but it should be noted that all 90 gave great effort and in another weekend different players may have emerged.


Hong Kong Logan Hokanson 5’11 Clever, shifty PG

Justin Jones 6’2 Smooth scoring combo

Donald Jorden 6’6 Strong wing/PF hybrid

Jay Hedgeman 6’8 Long, bouncy impact four

Raheem Williams 6’5 Athletic wing

Finland Allante Harper 5’9 Big-time shooter from distance

Taichi Nakamura 6’4 Smooth, complete player

Graddy Kanku 6’5 Wing with skills who can knock down shots

Adrian Byrd-Jelinek 6’6 Powerful four with a quality stroke

Kameron Hankerson 6’3 Scorer who plays way above the rim

Chandler Rowe 6’9 Post with face up/wing abilities

Venezuela Andre Jackson 6’8 Big who can score from three levels

Sheldon Wright 6’2 Smooth lead guard

Jah-Kobe Womack 6’4 All-purpose wing

UK Ricky Shuford 6’4 Bouncy athlete with freakish power

Bradlee Lewis 6’4 Human highlight reel

Josh Livingston 6’8 Solid four with a stroke

Germany Quincy Smith 6’2 Experienced pro ready to lead a team as a PG

Yasouka Ryuto 6’2 All-purpose guard who can shoot

Blake Seits 6’5 Such a solid stroke surprised when he misses one

Juwhan Harris-Dyson 6’6 Athletic, mobile wing impacts all phases

RJ Kelly 6’7 Electric athleticism with some solid skills

Denmark Roland Griffin 6’7 Dominates with skill, power, finishes everything

Jalen King 6’10 Long, active big

Brandon McGhee 6’4 PG who attacks downhill

Devonte Thomas 6’5 Experience pro that knows how to play

Jacob Salinero 6’0 Clever PG with handles and a shot

Romania LJ Booth 6’10 Powerful, mobile big

Maeta Saturo 6’4 Skilled, active wing

Tim Murphy 6’6 Strong inside presence

Albania Anthony Ussery 6’10 Experienced pro, knows the game

Jerome Seagears 6’1 PG with a handle and ability to lead a team

Sadohara Ryo 6’3 Nice skills, produces

New Zealand Chris Bunton 6’5 Strong wing scorer

Nick Wagner 6’3 Can shoot it from distance and finish inside

Joshua Miller 6’7 Long wing who can score

Coast2Coast will announce the TOP 20 from Camp in coming days…And dont forget about our in September located in NC!

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