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Atlanta Showcase Top 20

Camp MVP

Jibreel Faulkner, 6'8", Team South Korea

Camp MVP- Jibreel Faulkner

There was no shortage of talent at Wheeler HS this past weekend in Atlanta and over 30 players received votes to be honored and named to our top 20 list. Here are the 20 players who made our Top 20 for Atlanta 2022.

Kenny Cooper, 6'2", Tennessee State

Alex Bonner, 6'3", ABA/LaGrange College

Tajh Green, 6'8", Benedict College

Brandon Faison, 6'2", WM Penn

Jacque Brown, 5'10", UNC-Wilmington

Tim Jones, 6'0", E. Mennonite Univ

Tevis Robinson, 6'6", England, Peru/Johnson & Wales

Jack Hemphill, 6'9", Boston University, St. Francis

Anthony Adger, 6'1, Kosovo, Finland/FAU

Ricky Shuford, 6'4, TBL/Brescia

Joseph Allen, 6'8", Portugal/Elizabeth City

Denarius Odell, 6'0", IBL/Alcorn State

Jalen King, 6'10", Eastern Michigan

Jordan Thomas, 6'2", Georgia College

Johnnie Shuler, 6'1", La Salle

Devan Porter-Wilson, 6'4", Columbus State

Terence Lewis, 6'7", Jackson State

Isaac Clay, 5'11", St Andrews Univ

Umar Lawson, 6'3", ABA

Christopher Cromartie, 6'4", ABA/Alabama State

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